Children’s Books

The Kingdom of Mine

By Gary Edwards, Illustrated by Masako Dunn

46 Pages
Kindergarten to 3rd Grade
A child's first chapter book!

Hard Cover Picture Book with Jacket
IPPY Award Bronze Medalist

What if a king thinks he owns everything in his kingdom, including the wild animals, birds, and even the clouds? This is a beautifully illustrated tale about a young king who means well but nearly destroys the land he loves. It is particularly timely because the king's mistake involves the building of a huge wall!

This story engages children of all ages as they watch how the king’s well-intended plans go terribly wrong. All are relieved when the king’s eyes are opened and he announces his plan to restore wholeness to the land. As one six-year-old said, “I like the way everything heals.”

The Crow and the Feather

By Merci Martin and Wanda Bishop

44 Pages
Ages 4 to 10
Soft Cover
Includes Notes to Parents and Educators 

The Crow and the Feather introduces children to the antics of the common crow, western gray squirrel, coyote, screech owl, and California condor. These West Coast animals are rarely depicted in children’s books, so this book is a milestone! Using developmentally appropriate teaching strategies, the authors infuse vital ecological concepts with humor to make the story entertaining as well as informative.

“The Crow and the Feather brings us a wonderful cast of characters who inhabit California’s Oak Woodland. Collaboratively written by two experienced childhood educators, the story infuses the use of pattern language, humor, and scientific facts to entertain and inform. If you work in a nature center or a natural history museum, this book is for you. If you teach young children, this book is for you. If you are a parent looking for engaging ways to cultivate ecological literacy within your child, this book is for you!”
­—Carolie Sly, Ph.D., Center for Ecoliteracy, Berkeley, CA

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A Gift for Little Tree

By Colleen D.C. Marquez, Illustrated by Masako Dunn

32 Pages
Grade Level: Kindergarten to 2nd
Hard Cover Picture Book

This parable about adoption tells the story of an apple tree who is unable to bear fruit—no matter how hard she tries—until a wise farmer finds a way. The farmer grafts a bud onto Little Tree’s limb, and in time she becomes the most colorful tree in the orchard. Adoptive parents, as well as those exploring the possibility of adoption for the first time, will find Little Tree’s story especially touching.

“This book honors all parties involved in adoption. How often those of us impacted by adoption search for ways to help others understand its divine essence. A Gift for Little Tree does it amazingly well.”—Rebecca Vahle, 2011 Angel in Adoption Award winner and founder of the Family to Family Adoption Support Program

Rahoola’s Song (50% off!)

Written and Illustrated by Robert Anke

32 Pages
Grade Level: Kindergarten to 2nd
Hardcover Picture Book
For all of you who love rhyme!

With rhyme, humor, and a creative storyline, this picture book illustrates the value of simple joys over materialism. Rahoola is a happy raccoon until an unexpected visitor informs him of a life-changing inheritance. Becoming enamored with his new possessions, Rahoola is driven to collect more and more, until a surprising turn of events reveals the truth about his pile of shiny things.

“I've seen a lot in my time and this book is genuinely sweet, a bit naughty, and very relevant for kids. Rahoola's Song is a story that truly sings.”—Martha Atwater, Producer, "Clifford The Big Red Dog"