A Gift for Little Tree: A Parable About Apples, Adoption and Love

By Colleen D.C. Marquez, Illustrated by Masako Dunn

32 Pages
Grade Level: Kindergarten to 2nd
Hard Cover Picture Book

This parable about adoption tells the story of an apple tree who is unable to bear fruit, no matter how hard she tries, until a wise farmer finds a way. The farmer grafts a bud onto Little Tree’s limb, and in time she becomes the most colorful tree in the orchard. Adoptive parents and those exploring the possibility of adoption praise A Gift for Little Tree for its sensitivity and heart-warming story.

“This book honors all parties involved in adoption. How often those of us impacted by adoption search for ways to help others understand its divine essence. A Gift for Little Tree does it amazingly well.”—Rebecca Vahle, 2011 Angel in Adoption Award winner and founder of the Family to Family Adoption Support Program