The Crow and the Feather: A Tale From the Oak Woodlands of California

By Merci Martin and Wanda Bishop

ISBN 978-0-9857932-2-7
44 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches

Ages 4 to 10
Soft Cover
Includes Notes to Parents and Educators 

The Crow and the Feather introduces children to the animals of the Oak Woodlands: the common crow, western gray squirrel, coyote, screech owl, and California condor. These West Coast animals are rarely depicted in children’s books, so this book is a milestone. Using developmentally appropriate teaching strategies, the authors infuse vital ecological concepts with humor to make the story entertaining as well as informative.

“The Crow and the Feather brings us a wonderful cast of characters who inhabit California’s Oak Woodland. Collaboratively written by two experienced early childhood educators, the story infuses the use of pattern language, humor, and scientific facts to entertain and inform. If you work in a nature center or a natural history museum, this book is for you. If you teach young children, this book is for you. If you are a parent looking for engaging ways to cultivate ecological literacy within your child, this book is for you!”
—Carolie Sly, Ph.D., Center for Ecoliteracy, Berkeley, CA