Creative Cues From the Cat

By Gail P. Johnston and Eric P. Nichols

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Everyone has what it takes to be a creative person of vision. Cats have at least 15 fabulous features that teach us how!

Creative Cues From the Cat: The Visionary Virtues of Our Feline Friends is inspiring, clever, and beautifully designed, perfect for cat lovers and anyone with a creative streak. READ MORE AND SEE INSIDE


The Social Cause Diet: Filling Up with Satisfying Acts of Service

By Gail Perry Johnston

This is not a diet book, but an inspiring look at the health and well-being that is found when we volunteer. Studies show that people who volunteer on a regular basis have significant health benefits. But how do you make time to volunteer and what kind of volunteering should you do? The Social Cause Diet address these questions in an engaging collection of personal stories and thought-provoking essays.

Contributors include Justin McRoberts, Janet Huckabee, Dr. Maithri Goonetilleke, Shaun Groves, Nipun Mehta, and everyday people. Yes, there is a Peace Corps story, but also stories about random acts of kindness. The purpose of the book is to help everyone find a service that feeds their soul!

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Speak Easy

By Matthew Calkins and Mary Lou Walker

Whether you are a sparkling asset to a party or painfully shy, observing Mary Lou’s rules will take you to a new level in conversation—and in life. As you learn how to “speak easy” on matters high, low, and in between, you will break away from stale, mundane and repetitive talk and develop a new and enduring source of self-enjoyment.

Mary Lou is a champion of the “colloquy,” something akin to a book club, but without the book. Speak Easy lays the groundwork for starting a colloquy in your own living room, classroom or public library. In these conversation groups—or wherever life may take you—no topics need to be off-limits. As long as you follow the rules, your conversations can be rich, rewarding, and just plain fun.

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A Rumor of Angels

By Gail Perry Johnston and Jill Perry Rabideau

Originally published by Random House, this beautifully designed collection of quotes from literary masters and everyday people will comfort anyone who has known loss. Quotations from Anne Lamott, C. S. Lewis, Henri Nouwen, Alice Walker, and hundreds of others demystify death and celebrate life. Quotations flow from one to another, helping readers move through their pain toward a place of peace. Keep a copy of A Rumor of Angels on hand for your own grief support or for a reference when you want to support someone else. Give it as a gift when a card just isn't enough.



The Spirit of the Craftsman

By Eric P. Nichols

The Spirit of the Craftsman is about igniting your spirit with creative, productive, and fun work. If you’re stuck in a job that is less than exciting, if you have a product idea that’s waiting to surface, if you’re at a crossroads or new beginning—read this book. Its inspiration and humor will get you going!

Nichols draws his wisdom and wit from Biblical stories, animal observations, electronics, and America’s great heritage of invention. In today’s tough economic times, it’s refreshing to read about the true meaning of wealth and the importance of doing what we are created to do.

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The Wish and the Wonder

By Gail Perry Johnston

Originally published by HarperSanFrancisco, here is a smart and upbeat collection of quotations on what to expect when expecting. Lovingly assembled, this little paperback offers more than meets the eye. Read from cover to cover as you progress through your pregnancy, or read a few quotes at a time to know you're not alone and to prepare yourself for what's ahead.

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