The Social Cause Diet: Filling Up With Satisfying Acts of Service

By Gail Perry Johnston

ISBN: 928-0-9793345-2-8, Softcover, 245 Pages

The Social Cause Diet is not exactly a diet book, but an inspiring look at the health and well-being that is found when we volunteer. Studies show that people who volunteer on a regular basis have significant health benefits, including lower rates of depression. But how do you make time to volunteer and what kind of volunteering should you do? The Social Cause Diet address these questions in an engaging collection of personal stories and thought-provoking essays.

Contributors include Justin McRoberts, Janet Huckabee, Dr. Maithri Goonetilleke, Shaun Groves, Nipun Mehta, and 40 others—including Ms. Escorico who happened to lose 135 pounds while volunteering (in case you are interesting in the diet part). Yes, there is a Peace Corps story, but also stories about random acts of kindness. The purpose of the book is to help everyone find a service that feeds their soul!

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"This is no simple "save the world to save yourself" harangue, but a well grounded argument for integrating oneself with the larger world. After a context-setting section by the author, there are short articles by several dozen contributors, who tell stories of meaning they found in volunteering for various causes. I guarantee you that the variety of these stories and the voices of the contributors are well worth exploring. —LINDA K. RIEBEL, Author of The Green Foodprint: Food Choices for Healthy People and a Healthy Planet

"The Social Cause Diet is like Chicken Soup for The Soul, but without so much broth because the stories are about making a difference, not just about feeling good."—DOUG STEVENS, Executive Director of The Leadership Connection

 "The stories are short and uplifting and well-written. I kept thinking I'd read just one more story and the next thing I knew I'd read half the book. The book's message: We can all make a difference in our world and be healthier for it.” —JAMES E. OTT, Host for TV30

"Read this book to be inspired. Read it to be touched. Read it to gain motivation to begin your own work of hope and healing." —MICHAEL D. GINGERICH, Executive director of Foundation for Cancer Research & Wellness